Welcome to Puzzlestream

Puzzlestream is an interactive analysis enviroment for Python, providing a fast and simple way from raw data to meaningful results and visualisations. By organising your code in modules, Puzzlestream gives you an instantaneous overview of your project's structure - however complicated it may be. Highly interactive graphical interfaces support you in gaining an intuition for your data, asking the right questions and finding the corresponding answers. Platform independence and easy installation allow a quick start on any system you like.


Easy code editing.

Write better Python code, faster - with syntax highlighting, autocompletition, and code linting.

Stay organized.

A Puzzlestream project may consist of several modules - thus giving you simple and straightforward way of separating long-running calculations from producing visuals of the results.

Keep track of your data.

Get an overview over all your data at a single look - with Puzzlestream's data view and instantaneous plotting.

Say Goodbye to matplotlib windows.


Built-in Git version control.

Stage, commit, push, and pull without ever leaving the editor.

Parallelization, made easy.

Who we are:

Nils Holle
Fabian Theißen